How to Prevent Your Team From Burning Out

Our CTO Alex Kozhevnikov talked with Itechpost and raised the problem of burnout.

Being an executive who is responsible for the management of the dev team, he is engaged in all team processes and looks after his employees. Understanding that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, it’s important to pay close attention to team members’ mental health. That’s why Alex decided to share his observations and solutions for such a dangerous process as burning out.

This article is mostly devoted to the developers. But it will be also useful for the young CTO, product managers, and everyone who works at a fast pace depends on sprints or is characterized by high idealism, excessive perfectionism, not understanding of such things as good enough.

How to spot burnout in your team

1) The easiest thing is to track the working time so that the employees do not overwork. On remote work, it is a little more difficult to do, that’s why you should constantly speak about it, explain that overworking is bad for both company and employee.

2) Be interested in how your employees or teammates are doing after work. You always have small talks to ask how they are. When people are struggling, they tend to be more irritable. Knowing the normal reaction of a person, you can understand when something goes wrong with him/her. It is important to pay attention to such moments.

Except burning out It also may mean that he/she has a high level of stress or is upset with something and doubts to talk about it. And here it is important to raise this topic on one by one session, or go and talk right away.

3) One by one session is another moment when you can understand people’s mental state. There should always be questions examining mental health, level of stress, critical moments and etc.

4) Do not blame people for the fact that you do not have time to finish the project. If you don’t have time to finish it, you should think about why it happened.

Usually, you fail to meet the deadlines, because you cannot evaluate all tasks properly. For sure, there is always a chance that the task will take more time than you could have planned. You need to reflect on it, next time do some research before setting deadlines. And the key point here is to make sure that it does not lead to overwork and the feeling that “we are not doing anything all the time”.

About preventative actions and symptoms of burnout you can read in the new article.



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