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2 min readMay 17, 2021


Overgear gaming company helps gamers achieve their goals in the gaming sphere and organise the best experience in online games.

We are proud of our cool expert Alexander Kozhevnikov. He became a curator at the Heych platform. This platform allows you to get invaluable advice from different experts.

How Heych platform can help you:

  • Understand how to further develop your career;
  • Make a strong resume;
  • Explain how you can shorten the path to your dream job.

So, Alexander Kozhevnikov, the curator of this platform, is happy to share some career aspects with us.

“Hi, my name is Alexander. I’m the technical director of Overgear gaming company.

I can help you with consultations on Full Stack communication and JavaScript. I can discuss career growth and the transition from middle to team leader. Moreover, I can explain how to establish communication within the team.”

Alexander’s background:

He started his career in IT, while still studying at the university. He helped his friends with creating websites and independently studied JavaScript. Then he joined EPAM — he was interested in learning about enterprise development.

The main motivation to join Overgear was his desire for growth and broader responsibility — at the moment he is responsible for the entire development cycle. The team has grown up to 10 people.

Keep it up!




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