Overgear.com Retrospective: Best of 2020

2020 was a challenging year. Gaming industry was booming. Digital games earned $11.5B in November 2020, that was the highest monthly revenue ever. Gamers spent $ 126.6 billion on digital games in 2020. So, the year can be characterized as a massive success for gaming.

Overgear also wasn’t an exception and we grew 6 times. Here, our digest of 2020.

In 2020 we improved our services, told you about what happened in the gaming industry, our team shared their insights, and became closer to you.

We shared our game experience and found out advantages that we got from games.

“The realities are constantly changing as well as the rules of the game and we need to be able to adapt to it. The best way to adapt is to develop your soft skills. — CMO Dmitriy Beseda

We did our best to adapt to the new reality and perform at a high level. We created our online office with the help of Discord and hired the UX designer.

“For our team, Discord is a fully-fledged office space alternative, where we can set up effective and comfortable communication.” — the Head of Sales Vladimir Dementiev

We wanted to become closer to you and understand you better. Our desire resulted in in-depth customer interviews with you.

“As we say in Overgear, it’s either arena or a good old talk if you want to clear things up.” — Head of Content Vlad Mukha.

We participated in the startup stage of Web Summit 2020 and our CTO was invited to become a mentor in the accelerator Startech.vc.

“It’s always interesting to share your experience, knowledge with others. I enjoy this process.” — CTO Alex Kozhevnikov

We followed the game industry and shared our thoughts and insights with you.

“Video games tend to take over the world.” — CBDO Alex Karetin

Thank you for being with us. This year Overgear.com still will be your best buddy in the world of MMO games and we will continue creating the greatest products with passion, attention, and love.



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Overgear is a global gaming platform that allows gamers to buy and sell items and services in popular MMO games. Our mission is to help people enjoy the games.